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See How we Saw a Log at Penn Forest Products

At Penn Forest Products we ARE the manufacturer.  We provide the forestry, logging, and sawmilling of the lumber.  We do the entire process!  Sell to the manufacturer.Buying standing timber is our business! We are a full service forest reclaiming and harvestry company. We are Pennsylvania’s standing timber buyers. These videos some of our work. The first one we are sawing true beautiful Northern Red Oak lumber. In the next video forest management or forest manufacturing proceeds as we mark trees for selective harvesting, the logger completes the felling of the tree. Trees and logs are being moved and staged before movement to the mill for select cut logging. If you ask “who buys lumber in pa” we are your go to company!

Logging Companies in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania has several logging companies involved in timber harvesting and forest management. These companies have expertise in forestry operations and offer services such as timber removal, land clearing, and sustainable logging practices.
Buyers of hardwood trees for Lumber in Pittsburgh, PA: We are buyers of pine trees for lumber in Pittsburgh, PA, you can reach out to us your local sawmill, lumber company, and logging company that operate in the Western PA. area. We may be interested in purchasing pine trees for  wood products.
Penn Forest Products is a company involved in the manufacture and supply of forest products. We specialize in sustainable forestry practices and promote responsible forest management. We buy timber and offer a simple process, where their forester assesses the standing timber, makes an offer based on the assessment, and if accepted, their loggers cut the trees and take the logs.
Additionally, Penn Forest Products, a hardwood manufacturing and forestry management company, is also involved in the purchase of standing timber in Western Pennsylvania. We are committed to responsible forestry practices and environmental stewardship.
When buying timber, it’s important to do thorough research and choose a reputable company that values sustainable practices and has a history of fair dealings with landowners. Be sure to contact Penn Forest Products directly 1-800-597-0273 to discuss your specific timber purchasing needs, as well as any requirements or specifications you may have.